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Calories in breaded shrimp large


The Kabeer Baked Shrimp is made from raw panned shrimp and coated with wheat flour, salt, some flavor enhancers and adjuvants, and flavored with paprika (bell pepper).

In the next report, we will learn about the most important calories found in this breaded shrimp from Al Kabeer brand, We will also learn about the most important nutritional values ​​that they contain, So stay tuned.

Calories in breaded shrimp large

The number of calories in breaded shrimp is 137 calories, most of which come from carbohydrates with a percentage of 64%, followed by protein with a percentage of 29%. Finally, fat, by 6.6%.

Calories in grams are distributed in an amount of 100 gm between carbohydrates 22 gm, and protein 10 g, and 1 g fat, and cholesterol 60 mg, and sodium 670 mg.


Large breaded shrimp

From raw paneed prawns and coated with wheat flour, salt and some flavor enhancers and flavor enhancers with sweet chili flavor (belli pepper).

  • 65% raw shrimp
  • salt
  • The rest of the components are not available
  1. Unknown

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Reviews on Baked Shrimp from Al Kabeer

  1. Contains 65% raw shrimp. The remaining percentage is divided between wheat flour, salt and other additives.
  2. contains 1 gram of fat, This does not mean that it is useful to be part of a low-fat diet, because after frying, the amount of fat will increase.
  3. The upper limit of cholesterol for a normal person is 20% per gram.
  4. It contains a high amount of sodium, covering the upper limit of 29% for a normal person. And for patients with blood pressure and kidneys, 38.3% per cent of grams.
  5. Not suitable for those with gluten sensitivity.

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