Calories in Egyptian food

Calories in breaded chicken


Calories in breaded chicken looks simple, Compared to other famous Egyptian meals, But at the same time, it has a lot of healthy ingredients.

breaded chicken or chicken pane, One of the most popular meals on the Egyptian table. It is a quick and easy meal with simple ingredients.

Nevertheless, it is a nutrient-rich, tasty meal. It contains a high percentage of protein. For less calories.

Other than nutrients, The taste of French Parmesan cheese, When it melts with the rusk when it is seasoned on the chicken, it gives the meal a wonderful taste and taste.

And over the next few lines, Among the folds of this article, We will learn about the calories in breaded chicken or (chicken pan), As the Egyptians called it.

In addition to knowing the nutrients that are present in that meal, In addition to its components, And the easiest way to prepare for that meal.


Calories in breaded chicken

The weight of one meal of breadcrumbs chicken, which is enough to feed two people, is at least 640 grams, It contains 715.2 calories.


Calories in the ingredients of the breadcrumb chicken meal

beginning, We must stress that the breaded chicken or (chicken pane) is originally a delicious Italian meal. I moved to the Arab world, specifically Egypt, With pasta with red sauce.

This meal is characterized by fewer calories and less fat. and more protein, And with the addition of pasta, Increased levels of dietary fiber and carbohydrates.


Breaded chicken meal ingredients

The breaded chicken meal consists of; at least 440 grams of white meat chicken, It is the equivalent of a whole chicken breast.

And that amount of cooked chicken breast contains, without skin, On 431.2 calories.

This meal also includes a tablespoon of grated Parmesan cheese, Which contains 22 calories.

Moreover, there are A quarter cup of Italian-style toast (Burgerso), which contains 114 calories.

In addition to a teaspoon of garlic powder, Which includes 10 calories.

As well as a tablespoon of dried onion flakes with 18 calories, And ground red pepper to taste.

Plus half a tablespoon of olive oil, It contains approximately 120 calories.

With these ingredients, a meal for two people can be obtained.


Nutrients in Chicken Pane Meal

The breaded chicken meal (chicken pane) is full of many nutrients and nutrients. The total fat comes to 9.9 grams.

with a very small percentage, Of harmful cholesterol and triglycerides, which is 38.5 mg.

As for the salts that are found in the meal, they produce sodium at a very small rate of 323.4 milligrams.

With regard to the total carbohydrates, it amounts to 13.6 grams. And dietary fiber, reaching 0.9 grams.

Protein remains the main component of that meal. Which is represented by the chicken present, in the dish, The net weight of protein is 17.0 grams.


How to prepare a chicken dish with breadcrumbs

in just 10 minutes, You can prepare that meal completely, 20 minutes after that, it can be eaten immediately. It is enough for a third of an hour to cook.

The method of preparation begins by cutting the chicken breast horizontally (fillet), So that the chicken breast can turn into two or three pieces at most.

After all the cutting is done, Each pane can be rubbed with olive oil. Then you can mix the rest of the dry ingredients together.

Then you stir each piece of pan into those ingredients, Then you put them in olive oil at a temperature of 190 degrees Celsius.

After frying a piece of paneer in oil, bread crumbs can be put on it, With Swiss Parmesan cheese to give it a wonderful taste and an incredible delicious taste.


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