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Calories in bran bread


If you are a fan of bread or bread (as the people of Hijaz, Egypt and some regions of the Levant say), You will definitely take care of the diet, especially if you follow a diet.

Because it is always known that bread or bread is always loaded with high calories, and this is what causes frustration for dieters (who follow diets), Therefore, some of them, if not most of them, turn to the keto diet (learn about high-protein foods ).

And because keto does not express a lifestyle, you find some people get tired of it after a period of time or after they achieve their goal.

Today, however, there is bread suitable for people on a diet, and it is the countryside of bran bread, which is characterized by several advantages.


Benefits of rural bread with bran

  1. Reef bread with low calorie bran.
  2. No added sugar.
  3. Without preservatives.
  4. Whole grain baked goods.
  5. Suitable for everyone.
  6. Rich in vitamins.
  7. Light brown country bread on the stomach.
  8. The possibility of storing it for 6 months frozen.
  9. Reef bread is made with natural yeast.

Calories in Bran Bread Reef

The calories in Reef Bran Bread are 78 calories per slice of bread. And it’s high carb.


Notes and concerns about rural brown bread

  • The volume of saturated fat is 0.5 g, which is higher than the total fat, which is 0.34 g. Originally, the amount of saturated fat should be less than the total fat.
  • Total carbohydrates in one piece of bread is 13.2g while fiber is 14g. Fiber is assumed to be equal to or less than the total carbohydrate.
  • One piece of brown bread from Reef contains 22.11 mg of iron, which covers your daily need for iron by 123% (we doubt this amount of iron because the size of the bread is 40 gm, Wheat flour does not contain this high amount of iron).


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