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Calories in Bonnie Latte Macchiato Iced Coffee


Calories in Bonnie Latte Macchiato Iced Coffee, which is a cold and refreshing latte coffee, It is delicious and you can find it in any supermarket. it is drunk cold, And it’s not hot.

Coffee is known in its regular form, which is prepared from coffee beans. by grinding it and dissolving it in water and putting it on the fire, Add sugar to it as desired. But now many different types have appeared, Which depends on a lot of additives, most notably milk, It is flavored with many different flavors.

It is true that it tastes delicious. But at the same time it contains a large amount of calories. That is why today we will discuss the calories in Bonnie Latte Macchiato Iced Coffee, We will learn about the detailed nutritional card for this product.

Calories in Bonnie Latte Macchiato Iced Coffee

The total calories contained in a quantity of 250 ml of Latte Macchiato Iced Coffee, which is the full size of the package, is about 146.2 calories.

Macros calories are distributed within that quantity between fats of 3.8 grams, which is the lowest percentage in macro calories, followed by protein of 7 grams. The highest percentage is carbohydrates with 21 grams.

Ingredients for Latte Macchiato Bonnie Cold Coffee

  • 75% semi-skimmed cow’s milk
  • coffee (water, soluble coffee 0.3 %)
  • sugar
  • Caramel sugar syrup
  • salt
  • Potassium citrate (stabilizer)
  • Natural coffee flavor and nature identical vanilla flavor
  • 8.5% non-fat milk solids
  • 1.8% milk fat


How to make Bonnie Latte Macchiato iced coffee

  1. Unknown
  • The product is kept in a dry and cool place to protect it from damage.

From the aforementioned food label, We will find that the product is high in carbohydrates, sugar, This wastes a lot of calories in your diet. It will also not be suitable for many diets, such as the keto diet. Or the lu carp.

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