Calories in Bonnie Cappuccino Cold Coffee


Calories in Bonny Cappuccino Cold Coffee, which is a canned coffee drink that is drunk cold. It can be found in any supermarket. It is ready to be consumed immediately.

There is no doubt that we all know regular hot coffee, She is an excellent morning companion, But there’s also cold coffee, in which sweeteners are often mixed, flavors in coffee, This is pre-cooled and the reason it is prepared hot, And then cooled is the speed of dissolving components in hot water, When cooled, it can be eaten immediately. or packaged, And make it available for purchase as it is in the product we are monitoring today.

In the next report, we will learn about the most important cappuccino Bonny calories and its detailed nutritional card, So stay tuned.

Calories in Bonnie Cappuccino Cold Coffee

Calories in a total package of 250 ml of Cappuccino Bonny are about 164.4 calories, Macros calories are distributed within that amount between 4.8 grams of fat, It is the lowest amount in macro calories. It was followed by protein at 7.3 grams. And finally comes the carbs at 23 grams, This is a very high percentage.

And for more calories in Bonnie’s Cold Cappuccino see the following food label.

Ingredients for Cappuccino Bonnie Cold Coffee

It is cold brewed coffee that is packaged and ready to be consumed immediately

  • 75% cow’s milk
  • 0.8% coffee (water, soluble coffee)
  • sugar
  • cocoa powder
  • salt
  • potassium citrate (stabilizer)
  • flavor
  • 8.5% non-fat milk solids
  • 2.4% milk fat


How to make Bonnie Cappuccino iced coffee

  1. Unknown


Notes on Cappuccino Bonnie Cold Coffee

  • The coffee is made from 100% pure cow’s milk.
  • Cappuccino Bonnie should be kept in a dry place. And cool.

As a result of the aforementioned data, we will find that the product includes a large percentage of carbohydrates, sugar, It is just a drink that will not make you feel full in the first place. Therefore, if you choose to consume it, one can of it per week, for example, will suffice. and don’t overdo it, Because if you overeat, you will unnecessarily waste many of your available calories in your food schedule.

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