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Calories in Belsbury Strawberry flavored cake mix


Calories in Belsbury strawberry flavored cake mix, The ready-made cake provided quick options for preparing dessert, especially for those who do not have enough time to prepare it, Or for people who don’t have enough experience to prepare cakes.

This cake is served with strawberry flavor, It is a bag containing powder, We add eggs and fatty substance to them, And stir it with the powder to have the well-known cake dough, And then it is placed in a tray, And cook it in the oven.

Today we are going to learn about the calories in the Bilsbury Strawberry Cake Mix and the most important nutritional ingredients it contains, as well as nutritional facts that you do not know about it.


Calories in Belsbury Strawberry flavored cake mix

The calories in Belsbury Strawberry Flavored Cake Mix 350 g are about 1371.65 calories. The calories of macrose are distributed between carbohydrates of 288.05 g, and fat by 9.1 g, The product also includes protein in the amount of 11.55 g.

The product also contains saturated fats estimated at 9.1 g, and trans fat 0.35 g, and sodim in the amount of 2152.5 mg, And it’s a very high amount.


Nutritional facts in Belsbury Strawberry flavored cake mix

You were certainly shocked to learn that Belsbury is an ultra-crisp strawberry cake mix with 1371.65 calories ?!!

But this number of calories is in the whole carton of 350 grams after baking Once the cake is cooked, you will cut it into 10 equal pieces to reduce your calories.

And will the calories in Belsbury strawberry cake become 128 calories?

And if you notice what is written on the package that it is without artificial colors, but on the other hand, you will get that it is added to an artificial flavor, which is the artificial ☺ strawberry flavor?

I mean, they put the color of red beetroot to make you believe that it is because of strawberries, and they also added an artificial flavor to strawberries, and I wish they added strawberry pieces, but unfortunately.

Do you know why the product is cheap!! Its price in the market is 10 Saudi riyals and sometimes they make an offer for 8 Saudi riyals I mean, if you divide the entire quantity by 10 pieces, the cost of the cake will be only one riyal !! Without the cost of eggs and oil.

Ingredients for the ultra-crisp pillsbury strawberry cake mix

  • sugar
  • Wheat flour
  • Sodium bicarbonate E 541 IE (lifting agent)
  • Sodium Aluminum Phosphate E541 (Lifting Agent)
  • Corn starch
  • Niacin
  • iron
  • Thiamine
  • Riboflavin
  • Folic acid
  • Palm oil (vegetable fat)
  • Sunflower oil (vegetable fat)
  • Propane1,2 Diol esters E477 fatty acids (emulsifier of palm oil)
  • Mono and diglycerides fatty acids E471 (emulsion of rapeseed oil and palm oil)
  • Escorbyl Palmitate E304 (Antioxidant)
  • Calcium phosphate E 341 (lifting agent)
  • Modified corn starch
  • Beetroot Powder E162 (Color)
  • salt
  • Dextros
  • Artificial strawberry flavor
  • Sodime Carboxymethylcellulose E 466 (Stabilizer)
  • Citric Acid E330 (Acidity Regulator)


How to prepare the ultra-crisp pillsbury strawberry cake

  1. Preheat oven to 180°C/350°F
  2. Grease the mold (metal or glass) with enough ghee or butter and then sprinkle with a little flour
  3. Mix the cake mixture together 50 ml of vegetable oil, 165 ml of water and two medium eggs in a large bowl quickly from a cut until the mixture is soft, Then beat for two minutes on medium speed and pour the mixture into the mold
  4. Bake for 40-45 minutes or until cake bounces when gently touched in the middle or when toothpick inserted and comes out clean
  5. Cool the cake in the mold for 15 minutes and remove it from the mold, Let cool completely on the cooling rack, then decorate and store while covering lightly


Notes on Belsbury Strawberry Cake

Belsbury Super Crisp Strawberry Cake Mix Made from Civil Products Limited (L.L.C) – (Branch).

  • Country of origin UAE Ltd.
  • No artificial colors.
  • Belspuri Super Crisp Strawberry Cake Mix has an artificial strawberry flavor.

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