Calories in Egyptian food

Calories in Beef Mushroom Casserole


Calories in Beef Mushroom Casserole, looks mediocre, Among the high-calorie beef, Mushrooms or mushrooms.

The meat meal is characterized by mushrooms, that it is delicious, rich in many nutrients, great taste, Especially with the addition of a plate of brown rice.

And during the next article, We explain many information about the mushroom meal, like calories, and meal components.

In addition to information about the nutritional values ​​of the meal, In addition to the method of preparation.

So are the calories in each element of the meal.


Calories in Beef Mushroom Casserole

The calories in a meal of meat with mushrooms reach 1642 calories, At a rate of 410.5 per serving of that meal.

And during the following lines, We explain the details of the ingredients of the meal, The calories in each ingredient…


Ingredients for the mushroom meal

The meal consists of 1800 grams of lean beef, In addition to a total of 4 cans of low-fat mushroom soup .

2 cups of water are also added when preparing the meal. With 4 sachets of dry onion soup mix.

Moreover, 900 grams of fresh mushrooms are added. whether whole or sliced, According to your preference.


Calories in the ingredients of the mushroom dish

as mentioned, In the previous lines, The total number of calories in the meal, up to 1642 calories, It is divided as follows.

Available in lean beef, The main component of the meal 1344 calories, As for the mushroom soup, it contains 132 calories.

As for the soup mixed with dry onions, It contains 118 calories. Finally, the calories we get from fresh mushrooms are 48 calories.

Of course, glasses of water provide no calories.


Nutritional values ​​in beef meal with mushroom

With regard to the nutritional values ​​available in that meal, It includes a total fat coming from beef of 95.6 grams, At an average of 23.9 grams/serving.

As for cholesterol and triglycerides, which are available in meat, Fat free, It amounts to 284.4 mg.

With regard to sodium and salts coming from meat, it also reaches 3.9 grams.

As for the total carbohydrates, which are mainly found in soup, It is 49.6 grams.

As for dietary fiber, which is available in mushrooms, it reaches 6.8 grams, Finally, protein remains the main ingredient, at 139.2 grams.


How to prepare beef shawarma meal

First, the meat is fried in a frying pan over a fire. medium heat, This is before preparing the basic mixture.

However, you can skip this step; To save time and the recipe will still look great too.

Browning the meat in this way gives the meat more flavor and helps it stick together better.

whether the meat is roasted, or not, The next step is to put the meat in a 4 liter crock pot.

and then; Place the mushrooms on top of the beef.

Then mix the soup with the water and the soup mix with the dry onions. Then pour this mixture over the mushrooms and beef.

The mixture is then cooked on low heat for 6-8 hours or it can be cooked on high heat for 3-4 hours.

This meal takes 15 minutes to prepare. and 240 minutes to cook, Meat roasting time included.

Then you will have a delicious meal for a family of 4.

With the addition of brown rice or hot cooked noodles to this dish, which neither provides calories, The meal will be more delicious.


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