Calories in Basbosat Altazaj

Basbosat Altazaj is a special basbousa for Al Tazaj Restaurant. It is a chain of restaurants located in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, some Gulf countries, and Jordan.

This basbousa is famous for being very delicious and famous, as there are many women trying to make something like it, but some could not know the secret of fresh basbousa That is why we are here today in order to know its components and nutritional values, so follow us.

Calories in Basbosat Altazaj are 211.5 calories per 1 cube of basbousa, Carbohydrates make up the highest percentage of calories at 63%, followed by fats at 29.8%, and protein at 7.2%. In order to learn more about the nutritional values in basbousah, we leave you with the following nutritional card.

Basbosat Altazaj

Basbousa with concentrated milk


Fresh basbousa ingredients

  • Wheat semolina
  • Sweetened condensed milk
  • Sugar solution
  • Animal ghee
  • almonds
  • baking powder

The secret of Basbosat Altazaj is in the way it is prepared and is not known yet

The mentioned nutritional values are for only one cube of basbousah. As it comes in each package two cubes basbousa.

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