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Calories in Baba Khan Indian Restaurant


calories in baba khan indian restaurant, It provides you with a unique experience with an excellent flavor of Indian cuisine. Which is currently one of the most famous cuisines that are very popular in different parts of the world.

It is true that the dishes it serves seem traditional, such as chicken or beef curry and chicken biryani with rice. tandoori dish and many more, However, it is flavored with delicious Indian spices.

While enjoying the balanced taste and calories, The experience seems irreplaceable. Its a lively place with a modern decor that looks like an Indian street restaurant and is comfortable for groups.

In the following article, we review what the Indian restaurant offers in its various branches in the Kingdom. main meals and appetizers, and side dishes.

With an explanation of the number of calories in it per 100 grams of meal or dish.


Calories in Baba Khan Restaurant

Calories in main Indian dishes

Calories in chicken trio

It is one of the best types of tikka meals. It includes chicken cooked in tikka-hairali style and malai chicken. And it is served with salad.

Note that it contains nuts, milk (lactose), mustard and eggs for those who suffer from allergies. It contains 690 calories.


Calories in Hireali Tikka

It is green chicken tikka meal marinated in mint and coriander mixture of spices and grilled in the oven.

The meal contains lactose milk. And 230 calories.


Calories in chicken tikka

The meal consists of chicken cubes marinated for 24 hours in yogurt and tikka spices, grilled over low heat in an oven with the restaurant’s special seasoning.

The meal includes mustard, lactose milk and nuts. Plus 310 calories


Calories in Chicken Malai

It is a meal of chicken tikka soaked with yoghurt, a mixture of spices and cream. and roasted in a clay oven.

included in the meal; eggs, nuts and lactose milk, It contains 300 calories.


Calories in Indian kebab skewer

Kebab skewer platter contains meat marinated with Indian spices. It is served with Indian sauce. It contains eggs, gluten and lactose.

There are 420 calories in this dish.


Calories in Tenderloin Chicken

It is a meal consisting of chicken tikka thighs grilled in a charcoal tandoor. It contains mustard and lactose milk. It contains 380 calories.


Calories in Baba Khan Mixed Platter

Baba khan mix dish contains biryani rice. butter chicken, chicken tikka masala, shower meat, fried onion plate, Indian naan bread.

It also contains milk sauce. And the original Indian pickles, eggs, mustard, milk, And nuts.

The dish contains 2300 calories.

Calories in Baba Khan Mixed Platter
Calories in Baba Khan Mixed Platter


Calories in Rogan Beef

These are boneless cubes of meat simmered in a meat-onion-tomato gravy enhanced with distinct flavours.

The meal contains 350 calories.


Calories in butter chicken meal

It is chicken breast cubes carefully cooked in a creamy tomato sauce, seasoned with butter, cream and special spices.

The meal includes 770 calories.


Calories in Dal Makhani

The meal is black lentils simmered for a long time in a creamy gravy with butter and tomatoes and topped with fresh coriander.

The meal contains 660 calories


Calories in chicken tikka masala meal

The meal is chicken tikka cubes in a tomato and onion gravy enriched with tikka spices and topped with fresh cream and coriander.

The meal contains 520 calories.


Calories in Nawabi shrimp

It is a meal of Indian-style cooked shrimp in a light tomato sauce and onion gravy, flavored with fragrant Indian spices.

The meal includes 420 calories.


Calories in a meat biryani meal

The meal consists of tender pieces of meat served with biryani rice and Indian spices. It provides 1190 calories.


Calories in chicken biryani

It is boneless chicken thigh pieces served with briyati rice and Indian spices.

The meal gives the person who eats it 920 calories.


Calories in leg of lamb

The meal is lamb cooked on low flame for a long time, enriched with a rich cinnamon and meat broth sauce.

The meal contains 1010 calories.


Calories in Butter Pasta

It is pasta cooked with butter and cream sauce, in addition to mozzarella cheese.

The dish contains 440 calories.


Calories in Indian appetizers

Calories in Chicken Biryani Balls

These are breaded fried balls stuffed with chicken, biryani rice and parmesan cheese and served with butter sauce.

Meal calories reach 570 calories.


Calories in tandoori chicken fries

It is french fries topped with tandoori fried chicken, cheese sauce, tikka sauce and Baba Khan’s signature sauces.

Meal calories reach 960 calories


Calories in shrimp

The dish contains spicy shrimps marinated in rice flour and fried with onions, very hot peppers and spicy lemon sauce.

The dish contains 460 calories.


Calories in bhaji dish

The dish is a mixture of diced onions, potatoes and spinach tossed in rich spices with flour and fried to perfection.

It is served with the restaurant’s signature sauce. It contains 140 calories


Calories in dahi puri

It is a fried mullet stuffed with potatoes, tomatoes, onions and lentils, served with yogurt and tamarind sauce.

The meal contains 420 calories.


Calories in Katori Chat

It is a fresh fried dough stuffed with chickpeas, tamarind chutney, mint chutney, pomegranate seeds and special spices.

The dish contains 710 calories.


Calories in samosas

It is a traditional crispy samosas stuffed with seasoned potatoes and vegetables, served with mint sauce, yogurt and a delicious butter sauce.

The meal contains 410 calories.

Calories in side dishes

Calories in naan bread

It is 5 pieces of the famous Indian bread, It contains 680 calories.


Calories in plain biryani rice

The dish contains 240 calories


Calories in tamarind sauce

The sauce includes 50 calories


Calories in green chutney salad

The salad contains 25 calories


Calories in yogurt salad

The dish contains 108 calories. It is not recommended for those who suffer from milk allergy.


Calories in french fries

The caloric value of French fries is 1610 calories.


Calories in green salad

Green salad contains 20 calories / 100 grams


Calories in Indian sweets

Calories in a sahi dish you hate

It is a dessert made of toast, milk and shera. It also contains flour, milk, and nuts

The dish includes 570 calories


Calories in Rasgulla

It is a dessert made of chenna, an Indian cheese, cooked semolina dough and sugar syrup.

The meal contains 300 calories.


Calories in gulab jamun

It is a dessert made of powdered milk, saffron and sugar syrup. It contains 610 calories.


If it is clear that the calories in the meals served by Baba Khan Restaurant, largely proportional to what an adult should eat daily, And with a little exercise, Any extra calories can be burned off.

An experience not to be missed. You should visit the restaurant as soon as possible.

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