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Calories in Baba Hajji crackers cheese flavor


Calories in Baba Haji crackers with cheese flavor, which is a type of ready-made crackers that can be consumed quickly, It can be easily found in any supermarket. Like the well-known fried snacks.

Of course, such snacks provide a quick meal, and delicious to many, But what about the real nutritional values ​​offered by these snacks? And does she deserve to be on board with our food schedule or what?

Below, we will find out together what are the calories in Baba Hajji crackers with cheese flavor, We will also fully address the most important nutritional details related to this food product. So stay tuned.


Nutritional ingredients in Baba Hajji crackers with cheese flavor

  • Corn semolina
  • vegetable oil (palm olein)
  • Natural cheese flavor
  • Table salt


Calories in Baba Hajji crackers cheese flavor

Calories in Baba Hajji crackers cheese flavor per 15 gm quantity, The full weight of the package of this product is about 81.2 calories.

The macro calories within that portion are distributed between a total total fat of 4.8 gm, There are 8.85 grams of carbohydrates. Plus 0.66g of protein.

The product also includes dietary fiber in the amount of 0.15 g. And there’s 1.65 grams of sugar, Plus sodium, 76.2 mg


Notes on Baba Hajji crackers with cheese flavor

  • Baba Haji Chips does not contain any pork fat. or its compounds.
  • The product should not be exposed to direct sunlight.


From the aforementioned nutritional details, We will find that although Bab Hajji chips appear to be low in calories, However, by comparing these calories with the amount that will be consumed from this product, we will find that it is somewhat high in terms of the calories it contains. It also contains a large amount of fat. So if you are going to choose to eat it, you should limit its consumption as much as possible. This is so that you do not become obese and its diseases. For example, only one bag per week is enough.


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