Calories in Milk and dairy products

Calories in Ayran Nadec Laban 225 ml


Calories in Ayran Nadec milk 225 ml, Many may think that milk and its derivatives, Healthy products that can be consumed normally within any diet, But the reality, although they are somewhat healthy products if they are low-fat, But even a low-fat one will still contain calories, So close attention should be paid to how much of it will be consumed.

For today’s product, It is Ayran milk provided by Nadec, In general, ayran milk is made from natural milk and some white natural yogurt. Where the materials are mixed together and packaged, It is shipped to the market and ready to be eaten directly without needing any prior preparation.

Ayran is a moisturizing, nutritious and healthy drink, especially when taking into account the health and hygiene conditions in its components, It is recommended to drink ayran in the morning, Or just before bedtime, This is because it stimulates the intestinal wall and helps sleep.

In the following report, we will discuss the calories in Ayran milk provided by Nadec in detail, So follow us to get to know him.

Calories in Ayran Nadec Laban

The calories in Ayran Nadec milk are 61 calories in a 225 ml pack. The calories of macrose are distributed between carbohydrates of 7 g, and protein 4.5 g, and fat 1.7 g.

Nadec Ayran Milk contains calcium 146 mg, This package contains high salts that cover the upper limit of the individual’s natural need of sodium by 26%, which is high on this amount.


Laban Ayran Nadec

Ayran tastes great, Made with 100% fresh Nadec milk (milk syrup)

Ingredients for Ayran Nadec yogurt

  • Natural cow’s milk
  • At least 1% fat
  • Purified water
  • At least 0.7% table salt
  • Coffee Culture
  • At least 6.2% non-fat solids


Notes on Ayran Nadec Laban

  • Contains calcium.
  • Ayran milk contains high salts.
  • It may not be suitable for anyone with gluten sensitivity.
  • Ayran Nadec Laban is a Saudi product.

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