Calories in Noodles

Calories in antonio spaghetti


We all love pasta, without exception. It is a basic meal that is relied on in many times.
Pasta is easy, And the speed of its preparation, in a few seconds, we can have cooked, delicious pasta, What is also unique about it is that many meals can be prepared with it. It is not limited to the traditional form only, But you can add some sauces, meat, to become unique varieties, There are many different shapes that create a distinctive aesthetic appearance on your trip, even Although they agree together in the same taste.
And because pasta is one of the most important meals that we eat daily, here are the calories in Antonio pasta in detail.

Calories in Antonio pasta

Calorie calories per 100 grams of Antonio pasta are 430 calories. As for protein, it amounts to 11 grams, in addition to the amount of carbohydrates in Antonio pasta, which is 75 grams, while the fat is 9.5 grams.

Among the previous calories of Antonio pasta, we find that the percentage of carbohydrates in it is somewhat high for a total portion that does not exceed 100 grams, i.e. a few small spoons of it, so it must be consumed carefully within the normal daily caloric intake of your food schedule.
Antonio pasta was made in New Borg El Arab City, Fourth Industrial Zone, Block 6, Plot 8.15, And the ingredients included in the pasta are 72% of the finest types of wheat + water

Spaghetti antonio pasta

It is pasta made from whole wheat flour that can be prepared in more than one way by mixing it with different sauces according to taste.

Nutritional ingredients in Antonio’s spaghetti

  • 72% wheat flour (the finest type of wheat)
  • water

How to make antonio spaghetti pasta

  1. Boil an amount of water that matches the amount of pasta you are going to cook

  2. Drop the pasta into the boiling water and wait 7 minutes or until the pasta is al dente

  3. Drain the pasta well from the water

  4. After that, the pasta can be mixed with the red sauce. or white, Or even leave it like that, as desired

Noodles and pasta
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Ingredients that work with Antonio pasta

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