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Calories in angus beef burger


calories in angus beef burger This burger is served by Sadia Company, and there is no doubt that the burger is one of the most popular fast food spread around the world. Where there are millions of burgers consumed annually.

The burger is basically meat. chopped onion, some spices, In its original form, it can be considered a healthy food filled with an adequate share of protein. But of course this does not happen. where many ingredients are added, and sauces when preparing it as a sandwich, not to mention frying it in oil, Which adds more unnecessary calories.

Below we will monitor the detailed nutritional label for this product in detail. Where we will learn about the most important calories in it, We will also learn about the detailed nutritional ingredients from which this burger is prepared, So stay tuned.


Nutritional ingredients in Sadia Angus beef burger

  • Jalal beef
  • salt
  • Dextros
  • natural flavours
  • antioxidant
  • Sodium epineurate


Calories in angus beef burger

The calories in the Angus beef burger are in an amount of 100 gm, about 284 calories, These calories are distributed between 24 grams of fat, and protein in the amount of 16 g, and carbohydrates by 1 gm, It is a very small amount of daily consumption.

The product also contains saturated fat, about 14 g. It does not contain any trans fats. But at the same time it contains cholesterol, about 49 mg.

On the flip side, The Angus beef burger contains a large percentage of sodium, about 549 mg. and sugar of 1 gm, The product does not contain any dietary fiber.


Calories in Sadia Angus burger per piece

The Sadia Angus burger contains 000 per piece, the size of 120 gm. It contains 28.8 gm of fat. And 16.8 gm saturated fat and does not contain any trans fat.

While it contains 59 mg of cholesterol, And 659 mg of sodium, which covers 27.4% of the upper limit of the individual’s natural need for salts.

As for carbohydrates, it is perfectly suitable for those who follow the keto diet , as it contains 1.2 gm of carbs. It contains 19.2g of protein.

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How to prepare angus sadia burger

  • No need to pre-defrost the product.
  • Just preheat the pan with oil.
  • After heating the oil, put the burger in it and fry it for about 10 minutes, while continuing to flip from one side to the other.
  • Note that the cooking time may vary depending on the temperature. and the equipment you use.


Reviews on Sadia’s Angus Burger

  • The product is kept frozen at a temperature of -18 degrees Celsius below zero. or colder.
  • The Sadia Angus Burger may not be refrozen again after it has been defrosted.
  • Sadia Angus Beef Burger, Free of Colours, and artificial flavors.
  • The meat of the product is obtained from animals slaughtered by hand in the Islamic legal way.

These were the most prominent details related to the calories in the Angus beef burger, It is one of the foods that can be consumed. But within reason according to your calorie schedule.

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