Calories in Angry Bird Corn Flakes

The calories in Corn Flakes Angry Birds are 110.8 calories in every 30g of flakes without milk.

Angry Birds breakfast cereals are characterized by a lower amount of sugars , But it does contain an artificial vanilla flavor.

For more nutritional values, see the nutrition label below:

Ingredients of Angry Bird Corn Flakes

  • Corn flour
  • sugar
  • salt
  • Vanillin (industrial vanilla flavor)
  • barley extract

How to make Angry Bird Corn Flakes

  1. Put 30g of cornflakes in a bowl
  2. Add 125ml of cold or warm milk as desired
  3. Get moving and be happy

Notes on Corn Flakes Angry Bird

  1. It contains low sugars compared to other types of Corn Flakes. But the carbohydrates are still high.
  2. It is characterized by containing a small number of nutritional components compared to the rest of the other types of cornflakes, But it does contain artificial flavoring of vanillin.
  3. It contains a good number of vitamins and minerals.

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