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Calories in Americana beef hot dog with angus meat


Calories remain in Americana beef hot dog with angus beef, It is a fast-cooking hot dog. In just a few minutes it is ready to be consumed. You can find this type of hot dog in any local supermarket in the Kingdom.

On the flip side, There is no doubt that this type of processed meat such as sausage, burger, sausage, and other widely distributed As it offers a variety of different flavors, tastes, It does not require any effort to prepare it. However, you will still need to count its calories if you decide to eat it. This is to make sure that it is suitable for consumption within your dietary schedule or not.

In the following report, We will discuss with you what are the most important calories in the Americana beef hot dog with angus meat, in addition to that we will learn about the nutritional ingredients from which this product was prepared in detail.


Nutritional ingredients in the Americana beef hot dog with Angus beef

  • Frozen beef
  • Soy protein
  • Wheat flour
  • salt
  • mustard paste
  • egg white
  • celery salt
  • Preservative E250


Calories in Americana beef hot dog with angus meat

The calories contained in the beef hot dog served by Americana with Angus meat in an amount consisting of 90 gm, which is the size of one piece, is about 147.6 calories, The calories are distributed between a total fat of 10.8 gm, and carbohydrates by 1.8 g, and 10.8g of protein.

Americana beef sausage also contains saturated fat of 4.05 g. and trans fat of 0.45 g, and there is cholesterol of 36 mg, Plus sodium, 459 mg.

the most we can talk about, Americana sausage does not contain any dietary fiber. or total sugars, or even added sugar, They are all valued at 0 g.


How to prepare an Americana beef hot dog with angus meat

There is more than one way to prepare this type of hot dog, It can be boiled in water to cook it. Or fry them in plenty of oil until they soften. Or even grill them on the grill to add a delicious barbecue flavor to your hot dog.


Reviews on the Americana hot dog

  • Americana hot dog is free of artificial flavors.
  • Americana Angus sausage is free from artificial colors.
  • Beef is used in the manufacture of the product.
  • The product contains soy, gluten, eggs, mustard, and celery. All of them are food products that may cause allergies to some. Therefore, it should be avoided by people who are allergic to these food ingredients.


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