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Calories in Almarai Super Grapes & Berries


calories in Almarai Super Grapes and Berries, Almarai Super Grape & Raspberry Juice is a 100% natural juice made in Spain for Almarai Company, This juice does not contain added water and is without additives and without flavors.

In the following report, we will learn about the calories in Almarai, super grapes and berries, and the most important nutritional components involved in its composition, So stay tuned.

Calories in Almarai Super Grapes & Berries

The calories in Almarai Super Grapes and Berries are 144 calories in a small package of 250 ml, And all the calories from the natural sugars found in fruits.

The calories of macrose in this product are distributed between carbohydrates of 36 g, The product does not contain any amount of fat or protein, But on the other hand, Includes sugars in the amount of 36 g.

Ingredients of Almarai juice super grapes and berries

  • 84% grape juice
  • 7% Raspberry juice
  • 5% blueberry puree
  • 3% blackberry herry
  • 1% black raisin juice

Notes on Almarai Super Grape And Berry Juice

  • Almarai Super Grape & Berry Juice 100% natural juice and not reconstituted
  • Almarai juice super grapes and berries without added water and without additives and without flavors
  • Thermally tested and packaged under sterilization
  • Keep refrigerated (5°C) and consume within four days when open
  • Shake well before opening and serve cold
  • Almarai juice is prepared from natural fruits and may contain fruit pieces or seeds
  • Made in Spain by EMC Juices in Murcia for Almarai

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