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Calories in Almarai Low Fat Cheddar Cheese


Calories in Almarai Low Fat Cheddar Cheese, It is a cooked cheddar cheese that can be consumed for breakfast. or dinner, or any time you prefer.

In this topic, we will learn about the amount of calories in Almarai low-fat cheddar cheese, As well as the ingredients and nutritional values ​​contained in this product in detail.

Calories in Almarai Low Fat Cheddar Cheese

The calories in Almarai low-fat cheddar cheese are 25.12 calories in 10 grams, Most of the calories come from fat with a percentage of 65.9%, then protein with a percentage of 29.3%. And lastly, carbohydrates, by 3%.

Calories are distributed between carbohydrates 0.19 gm, and protein 1.84 g, and fat 1.84 g, and saturated fat 1.27 g, and cholesterol 5.1 mg.

There is also sugar 0.17 g, and sodium 141.7 mg, vitamin D 0.16 units, and vitamin A 27.2 units, And calcium 53.3 mg.

Almarai low fat cheddar cheese

10 gm of processed and reduced-fat cheddar cheese

  • natural cheese (microbial rennet)
  • water
  • Milk solids
  • E339 (mineral salts)
  • E452 (mineral salts)
  • Creamy milk
  • salt
  • E406 stabilizer
  • E410 Installer
  • E202 is a preservative of potassium sorbate
  • Citric acid
  • E160b natural colour
  • 35% of the minimum percentage of fat in the dry matter
  1. Processed cheddar cheese

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Notes on Almarai Low Fat Cheddar Cheese

  1. Although Almarai low-fat cheddar cheese contains a high amount of sodium, However, it also contains a high amount of calcium and vitamin A
  2. We do not prefer to eat large amounts of cheddar cheese, Because in the case of eating a high amount, such as one hundred grams, it will cover 59% of the permissible upper limit of sodium for a normal person, and 78.7% for patients with high blood pressure and kidneys. In addition, the normal person will consume 20% of the upper limit of cholesterol. May God protect us and protect you
  3. Almarai low-fat cheddar cheese is kept refrigerated between a temperature of 2-25 degrees Celsius.
  4. After opening, keep refrigerated at a temperature below 5°C.
  5. Almarai Cheddar Cheese is manufactured in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by Almarai Company.

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