Calories in Milk and dairy products

Calories in Almarai Light Cream 10 gm


Calories in Almarai Light Cream 10 gm It is a fresh, low-fat cream. Made from fresh, low-fat cow’s milk. It contains a decent amount of vitamins. and minerals needed by the body.

In the following report, we will learn about the most important calories in Almarai Light Cream 10 g, as well as the nutritional values ​​found in this product.


Calories in Almarai Light Cream 10 gm

The calories in Almarai Light Cream 10 gm are 25.2 calories, which means approximately one tablespoon less or more, And 89% of these calories are from fat. and 7% carbohydrates, and 4% protein.

Calories are distributed between carbohydrates 0.44 gm, and 0.25 g protein, There are 2.5 grams of fat, and saturated fat 1.7 g, and cholesterol 7.5 mg.

there is sodium in the amount of 4 mg, and sugar 0.44 g, and vitamin A by 85 units, and vitamin D by 10 units, And calcium 10 mg.


Ingredients for Almarai Light cream

  • Fresh cream
  • Fresh cow’s milk
  • Milk protein
  • E407 (Capacitor)
  • E440 (Capacitor)
  • E412 (Capacitor)
  • Vitamin D3
  • Fat content 23% minimum
  • Pasteurized prepared from 100% natural cow’s milk


Notes on Almarai Light cream

  1. This type of cream is full of vitamin A , so one container covers 12% of the daily requirement of a normal person
  2. Almarai Light Cream contains 2% of the daily requirement for vitamin D and 1% of calcium for the normal person. As for the pregnant woman, there is no significant difference between these percentages
  3. The coverage percentage of Almarai Light Cream of vitamin D3 for normal people per day is 1.67%
  4. Almarai Light Cream should be kept refrigerated at 5 degrees Celsius or less
  5. Almarai Light Cream produced by Almarai Company


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