Calories in Milk and dairy products

Calories in Almarai full fat yogurt


Almarai yogurt is yogurt prepared from 100% fresh and natural cow’s milk with vitamin D added to it at an amount of 68 IU.

The calories in Almarai full-fat yogurt are 116 calories, with fat constituting the highest percentage, at 41%.

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Almarai yogurt full fat 170 gm

Fresh full fat yogurt

Yogurt ingredients

  • Fresh cow’s milk
  • Milk solids
  • pectin
  • thrombus
  • 68 IU vitamin D
  • 3% fat content at least
  • At least 8.5% non-fat solids
  • Fresh Yogurt Made From 100% Natural Cow’s Milk
  1. Made from 100% natural cow’s milk

  2. It should be kept refrigerated at 5°C or less

AM Dieter’s Notes on Almarai Full Fat Yoghurt:

  1. Suitable as a snack or snack as it contains low calories.
  2. Contains less carbohydrates and fats.
  3. low sodium intake, It covers the upper limit of 5.2% for patients with blood pressure and kidneys (consult your doctor).
  4. Covers the average individual’s need for vitamin A by 8% per day. and for women 9.8%, And for breastfeeding women, by 5.7%.
  5. Covers the individual’s natural daily calcium requirement by 22%, and by 20% for women.
  6. Covers the average individual’s vitamin D requirement by 11%.

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