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Calories in Almarai Fresh Full Fat Cream


Almarai Fresh Cream is cream made from fresh full-fat cow’s milk, with fresh cream and a stabilizer with the code E407.


Calories in Almarai Fresh Full Fat Cream

Calories in Almarai Fresh Cream are 312 calories in the entire package of 100 grams, Each 10g tablespoon contains 31 calories.

And 92% of these calories come from fat. and 4% from carbohydrates, and 3% of protein

This type of cream also contains: Vitamin A , if one package covers 30% of the daily requirement of a normal person, And for each tablespoon of 10 g 3%.

Almarai full-fat cream contains 20% of the daily requirement for vitamin D and 10% of calcium for the normal person. As for the pregnant woman, there is no significant difference between these percentages.

For more nutritional information per 10 gm of Almarai Fresh Full Fat Cream, please see the card below:


Ingredients of Almarai Full Fat Cream

  • Fresh cream
  • Fresh cow’s milk
  • E407 (Stabilizer)
  • 13.9 IU Vitamin D3
  • 30% fat percentage at least

Almarai full fat cream notes

  1. Pasteurized, made from 100% natural cow’s milk.
  2. It should be kept refrigerated at 5°C or less.
  3. Almarai light cream produced by Almarai company, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – Riyadh.


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