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Calories in Almarai Butter Without Salt 10 gm


Almarai Unsalted Butter is a natural butter made from cow’s milk fat. It contains 300 units of Vitamin A

The number of calories in Almarai Unsalted Butter is 72 calories, Fat makes up 100% of the total calories, which makes it an excellent choice for keto diet followers.

For more nutritional data, see the product’s nutritional label below:

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Almarai butter ingredients are natural without salt

Natural Unsalted Butter Made 100% From Cow’s Milk

  • Cow’s milk fat
  • Bacterial clot
  • Unsalted lactic butter (natural butter)
  • Milk fat is at least 80%
  • 2% non-fat solids at least
  • Humidity 62% max

Notes on Almarai butter without salt

  1. Made from natural cow’s milk fat.
  2. It contains a high amount of Vitamin A, As 10 gm contains the equivalent of 43% of the individual’s need for vitamin A per day.
  3. It covers the upper limit of cholesterol by 8% for a normal person.
  4. It contains 1mg of sodium in every 10g of butter. It is a very small amount and is considered excellent in this respect.
  5. It should be kept at -18°C.
  6. Manufactured in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by Almarai Company.

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