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Calories in Al Rifai Salted Cashews


Calories in Al Rifai Salted Cashews, It is a great snack that can be easily found in any local supermarket. Besides the possibility of using it in many salty food recipes, However, it can be considered as an easy-to-digest snack that can be obtained as a snack between large meals. but anyway, You must follow up the amount of cashews that you will eat well in order to be compatible with the diet that you follow.

In the report that we present to you today, we will learn together about what are the most important calories in Al-Rifai salted cashews, not only this, But we will also fully and accurately address all other nutritional details related to this product. So stay tuned.


Ingredients for Al Rifai Salted Cashews

  • Cashew nuts
  • Soybean oil
  • salt


Calories in Al Rifai Salted Cashews

The calories in Al-Rifai salted cashews, in an amount of 28 gm, are about 173.4 calories, Macros calories are distributed within that quantity between a total fat of 13.4 gm, There are 8.5g total carbohydrates. Plus 4.7 g of protein.

This portion also includes saturated fats of 2.37 gm. and polyunsaturated fats of 2.4 g, And monounsaturated fats by 7.3 g.

Mentionsed, That portion of Al Rifai salted cashew product does not contain any amount of trans fat, or cholesterol.

On the other hand In that serving of these cashews, 86 mg of sodium can be found. and dietary fiber in the amount of 1 g, and total sugars of 1.4 g, There is no added sugar.

That share of this cashew also contains a group of vitamins, Minerals, including potassium, amounting to 177 mg. and vitamin C by 0.1 mg, and calcium by 12 mg, and there is an iron of 1.7 mg, In addition to vitamin E in the amount of 0.26 mg.


Notes on Al Rifai Salted Cashews

  • Al Rifai salted cashews shall be kept in a dry place. And cool out of direct sunlight.
  • The product is packed in a nitrogen environment to maintain quality.
  • advice for allergy sufferers, This cashew may contain traces of peanuts, and nuts.
  • Please note that nuts may cause children to choke.


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