Calories in Al-Hanim Ghee or Vegetable Yellow Cap


Al-Hanim Ghee is one of the most famous types of obesity that is circulated in the Arab Republic of Egypt. It has a long history of existence over many years, In the past, she was known as “Umm Taqiyya Red” and today her title has changed to become “Umm Taqiyya Yellow” while keeping her original name.


Calories in Al Hanim Ghee or Yellow Cap

The calories in ghee depend on the amount you will use in cooking or food. Because naturally, you will not consume the entire can. but only a spoon, or two spoons, In addition to the calories in that quantity, you must add the number of calories in the meal itself. This is so that you know how much calories you eat.

An estimated amount of 10 grams of ghee contains 90 calories. The amount of carbohydrates contains 0 grams. As for the percentage of fats, it is 10 gm, and fat components 10 g, Monounsaturated Fat 4g, polyunsaturated fat 1 g, and saturated fat 5 grams.

Also, Al-Hanim ghee does not contain protein, and the maximum temperature at which ghee can be stored is 30 degrees Celsius.


Components of Hanim obesity or a yellow cap

Before starting to mention the components of obesity, we would like to point out that Al-Hanim obesity is vegetable ghee and not animal ghee.

Ghee is made from palm oil. flavorings, and TBHQ antioxidant according to the prescribed proportions – beta-carotene, vitamin A, And vitamin D.

This type may be hydrogenated

Ghee is produced by Arma Company – Tenth of Ramadan City. It is valid for use 24 months from the date of production written on the box. It is best to keep it away from sunlight. This is to preserve the quality of its taste.

What is the fatness of the Hanim or the yellow hat of the vegetable?

It is a vegetable shortening that is used as a fatty substance to add flavor to the foods used in it

Ingredients of Al-Hanem Ghee or Vegetable Yellow Cap

  • Palm
  • taste additives
  • TBHQ antioxidant according to the prescribed proportions
  • beta-carotene;
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D


How to prepare Al-Hanem Ghee or a yellow vegetable cap

  1. There is no specific method, just add a spoonful or two as desired to any food you want to enhance its flavor.


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