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Calories in Al Batal Spicy Potatoes 30 gm


Al Batal Spicy Potatoes are made from natural fresh potatoes and fried in palm olein oil with the addition of chili flavor. It is considered one of the pastimes that are quickly consumed at any time. Anywhere, You do not need any prior preparation for it.

In the following report, we will learn about the most important calories in Al Batal Potato Spicy 30 gm, as well as the most important nutritional ingredients that made this product.


Calories in Al Batal Spicy Potatoes 30 gm

The calories in Al Batal Spicy Potatoes are 155.4 calories in a 30 gm bag, Most of these calories come from fat, at a rate of 52.1%, which is a very high percentage for this type of entertainment. And this thing makes you think 12 times before giving it to your child!!

Calories are distributed in an amount of 30 gm between carbohydrates 16.5 gm, and 9 g fat, and saturated fat 4.2 g, and protein 2.1 g, and there is dietary fiber 1.8 g, and sodium 111 mg.


What is Al Batal Potato Spicy?

Potato slices with chili flavor


Spicy Potato Ingredients

  • Fresh potatoes (sliced ​​potatoes)
  • Olein palm oil (vegetable oil)
  • Natural pepper flavor identical to nature
  • Cornstarch (a pepper flavoring ingredient)
  • E621 flavor enhancer (from pepper flavoring ingredient)
  • E631 flavor enhancer (from pepper flavoring ingredient)
  • E627 disodium guanylate (a pepper flavoring ingredient)
  • Sugar (from the pepper flavoring ingredients)
  • salt (from pepper flavoring ingredients)
  • E508 (from pepper flavoring ingredient)
  • E339 (from pepper flavoring ingredient)
  • E330 acidity regulator (from pepper flavoring ingredient)
  • Calcium Phosphate E341 (from pepper flavoring ingredient)
  • Hot pepper (from the pepper flavoring ingredient)
  • E551 Silicon dioxide anti-caking agent (from pepper flavoring ingredient)
  • E 160 c natural color (from pepper flavor ingredients)
  • E100 natural color curcumin (an ingredient in pepper flavor)
  • Rosemary extract (a component of the pepper flavor)


Notes on Spicy Champion Potatoes

  1. Made from natural fresh potatoes.
  2. It contains more than half of it fat.
  3. May contain milk.
  4. Keep away from sunlight, moisture and pungent odors.
  5. Al Batal Potatoes with Pepper Made in Saudi Arabia.
  6. Produced by the National Company for Biscuits and Sweets Industry Ltd., Jeddah – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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