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Calories in Al-Baik for all meals, with and without skin


The story of Al-Baik began in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (the original home of Al-Baik restaurant) since 1974. Specifically, in the city of Jeddah on the Red Sea coast, With the late Shakour Abu Ghazaleh, founder of Al Baik restaurants in the Kingdom.

Shakur believed that a city like Jeddah needed a restaurant that would serve high-quality meals at competitive prices. With these meals presented in a nice way, It attracts the eyes of visitors to the coastal city.

Indeed, Shakour founded Al Baik Restaurant. After putting into this project, the founder’s cooperation with a company outside the Kingdom; For the use of fried chicken seasoning mixes and equipment, It was the first restaurant in the market to introduce the concept of “Broasted” chicken all over the world.

The Broast restaurant was opened on Madinah Road and the intersection of Palestine Street in Jeddah. In September of 1974, And in March 1976 a second restaurant was opened in the city.

With time, there are more than 400 restaurants serving chicken in the broasted way in Jeddah. This is what made Al Baik Restaurant the first to provide this meal in search of what could distinguish it in front of that intense competition.

This is what the new owners of the restaurant found (Ihsan and Rami, sons of Shakur Abu Ghazaleh) and called it the secret recipe that includes more spices, They would prepare it in an unknown location and then take it to the central kitchen.

Moreover, the brothers upgraded the restaurants image, improve packaging, development and production operating systems, With the launch of a new brand, Al Baik.

With the increasing popularity of Al-Baik in Jeddah, The restaurant moved to Mecca in 1990. This is what transferred the fame of Al-Baik outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the pilgrims. Today, there are 6 ALBAIK restaurants serving this delicious meal. One of them is in Mina, which provides meals at nominal prices with the highest quality food with the best possible nutritional value for pilgrims.

Al Baik restaurants expanded in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Where we find many branches in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah, Taif, Al-Lith and Al-Qunfudhah. Several branches have also been opened in the city of Yanbu in the western region, Riyadh, Al-Qassim, and Jazan. Where the number of its branches has now reached 64 branches, With an average income per branch of up to 200 thousand Saudi riyals.

outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, The fame of Al Baik restaurants has reached the United Arab Emirates. Where the first branch of Al Baik Restaurant was opened in the Emirate of Dubai. Which has become one of the best restaurants in the emirate that serves fast food. moderately priced, And meals suitable for children before adults.

During the next few lines, we will review the calories in Al-Baik in its various meals, In addition to the method of ordering ALBAIK meals through the application.

Calories in albaik chicken

Albaik chicken calories without skin

The meal contains a spicy wing without the skin, with 65 calories. And ALBAIK chicken meal without skin – spicy (bread + fries + 2 sauces) with 946 calories, And Al-Baik spicy chicken without the skin (only 4 pieces of chicken) with 427 calories. And a burning breast without skin with 196 calories. and a burning leg without skin with 50 calories, and a spicy thigh without skin with 116 calories, With a total of 1800 calories.

Albaik chicken calories without skin

That meal includes; standard suite without skin, It contains 68 calories. With ALBAIK chicken meal without skin – regular (bread + fries + 2 sauces) and contains 971 calories, And Al Baik Chicken Without Skin – Regular (4 chicken pieces only), It contains 447 calories. And a regular thigh without the skin and contains 129 calories. And a regular breast without the skin and contains 194 calories. A normal leg without the skin contains 56 calories.

Bake powder calories

The calories in Al Baik Cucumbers are 7 pieces and contain 1006 calories, or 10 pieces with 1284 calories, And if you choose chicken nuggets, You have two options, the first is 7 pieces of boneless chicken containing 543 calories, Or 10 pieces of ALBAIK chicken boneless, which contain 775 calories.

The calories of the al-Baik boneless are burning

Al Baik Spicy Boneless Meal includes a choice of 7 pieces and contains 935 calories, or 10 pieces with a number of calories up to 1137 calories, And if you choose the chicken nuggets, You have two options, the first is 7 pieces of Al-Baik Bread, which contain 471 calories. Or 10 pieces of boneless chicken, which contains 673 calories.

Calories in Albaik chicken spicy

This meal includes more than one option. The first is to be content with Al Baik spicy chicken meal, which consists of (4 pieces of chicken only) and contains 659 calories. Or the second option is the spicy chicken meal (bread + fries + 2 garlic sauce), which contains 1133 calories. You can also add a burning breast that contains 273 calories. or a burning leg containing 104 calories, or a spicy wing that contains 92 calories, Or add a spicy thigh that contains 190 calories.

Regular al baik fillet burger calories

The meal consists of burger bread, which contains 134 calories. and burger sauce and contain 57 calories, and Al-Baik chicken fillet, which contains 158 calories. So the total calories are 349 calories in the Al Baik burger fillet.

Spicy fillet burger calories

The meal consists of burger bread, which contains 134 calories. The burger sauce is spicy and contains 58 calories. A pickled cucumber is burning and contains 2 calories. And the chicken fillet is spicy and contains 143 calories. So the total calories are 337 calories.

Albeek shawarma calories

The calories in Al Baik Grilled Shawarma are 310 calories, which consists of: Arabic bread, Chicken shawarma, fries, Pickles and tahini sauce or garlic as desired.

How many calories in Al Baik sandwich

Al Baik Boneless Chicken sandwich contains 386 calories for the regular sandwich. And 381 calories in the spicy al-Baik sandwich.


Calories in Albaik shrimp and fish

Al-Baik shrimp calories

The calories in al-Baik shrimp are a number of different options. the first of them, economic shrimp, which contains 10 pieces of economical shrimp, Both plain with calories 623 calories, Or a burner with 655 calories.

Jumbo shrimp can also be eaten. Which contains two options, the first is 8 pieces of jumbo shrimp, with 499 calories. Or 10 pieces of jumbo shrimp with 624 calories.

Al Baik nutritional values ​​for side orders

Pick garlic calories

The calories in Al-Baik garlic are the large size, which contains 72 calories. Or the small size of pickled garlic, which contains 47 calories.

Sweets in Al Baik

Al baik ice cream

Ice cream at AlBaik is available in more than one flavour. Where you can eat strawberry flavored ice cream, which contains 230 calories, Or you can eat chocolate-flavored ice cream, which contains calories up to 232 calories, Or you can choose AlBaik ice cream with vanilla flavor, with 124 calories.

How to request a baik from the al baik application

ALBAIK meals can be obtained easily and quickly through the ALBAIK application on the Android platform, Which can be easily downloaded through this link.

AlBaik application is It is one of the most prominent and easiest applications that you can deal with in order to get your favorite meal from Al-Baik or Boneless Chicken, Or other different meals offered by the restaurant.

Once you open the application, you will find on the main screen of the application the ability to register the phone number. To be permanently associated with Al Baik Restaurant.

On entering the next page, You have more than one choice. Either self-pickup or home delivery, Or the second option is to book in the restaurant, Or the third option is to receive the meal from the same restaurant on the takeaway method.

if selected, First choice, which is the missionaries, or home delivery, You will see another screen. It is a data screen in which you enter the details of the address at which you can receive the request. This data includes; country, address, phone number, Apartment number, floor number.

As for the second option, which is self-receiving, The screen will show you the opening times of the different ALBAIK branches. As your orders can be collected from the branch as soon as you arrive.

In the case of the third option, which is the last, sitting in a restaurant, any seat reservation in the restaurant, The screen will show you, restaurant opening hours, With the branch state now selected, If you want to go to the restaurant right away.

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