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Bonnie Chocolate Milk Calories


Bonnie Chocolate Milk Calories There is no doubt that when you mix both chocolate, And milk together we get a distinctive and irresistible flavor, As chocolate milk is the first love of many, not only children, But adults also love this charming combination.

But on the other side, When mixing milk and chocolate together, we must add chocolate calories to the milk. Because calculating milk calories only will not be correct. You should even calculate the amount of sugar that has been added to this drink in order to finally come out with a completely correct calculation of the drink’s calories.

Away from all those complicated arithmetic operations, We will save you time, effort, We will provide you with a detailed nutritional card for the Bonny Chocolate Milk product, in which we will monitor its nutritional components. detailed caloric content. So stay tuned.

Bonnie Chocolate Milk Calories

The calories in Bonny Chocolate Milk are about 196 calories. Macros calories are distributed within the product as follows: carbohydrates of 31 grams, It is the highest percentage in macroz’s calories, followed by 9 grams of protein. And then at the end comes the fat at 4 grams.

Bonnie’s Chocolate Milk

It is fresh cow’s milk prepared with a delicious chocolate flavour. It is ready to drink at any time. Since it does not require prior preparation, The product is based on long-life milk. Not milk powder

Nutritional ingredients in Bonny Chocolate Milk

  • 85% partially skimmed cow’s milk
  • sugar
  • water
  • Low fat cocoa powder
  • dextrose ( )
  • Thickener (Carrageenan)
  • Carboxymethylcellulose
  • vanillin (artificial vanilla flavor)
  • salt
  • 8.5% non-fat milk solids
  • At least 1.5% milk fat
  1. Unknown

  • Contains high sugars.
  • It covers your daily calcium requirement by 25%.
  • Contains artificial vanilla flavor.
  • The product is kept in a dry and cool place.
  • Shake the product well before consumption.
  • The product must be drunk cold for it to be fresh.
  • No milk powder was used in the ingredients of the product. Only long life natural milk.
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