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Blueberry syrup calories


blueberry syrup calories, It is a concentrated drink with raspberry flavor mixed with water. sugar and a host of other food ingredients.

In general, drinks are great things that help hydrate the body. provide him with the fluids he needs, But he likes to pay close attention to the amount of sugar in those drinks. Because sometimes there are drinks that depend mainly on sugar content, Which makes it completely unsuitable for many diets.

In the next report, we will learn about what are the most important blueberry syrup calories, in addition to that we will also learn about all the ingredients of blueberry syrup that went into the preparation of this product completely, As well as other nutritional details related to this product, So stay tuned.


Blueberry syrup ingredients

  • water
  • sugar
  • Fruit and berry concentrate
  • malic acid
  • citric acid
  • Preservatives (Sodium Benzoate E211)
  • Permitted Food Colors (E150D, E122, E102)
  • Flavors (Nature Identical Berry Flavor)


Blueberry syrup calories

The calories in blueberry syrup in an amount of 100 ml are about 256 calories, And as for the macro calories within that amount in this drink, the total fat is 0 g, and carbohydrates 64 g, and proteins 0 g.

It is noteworthy that the blueberry syrup does not contain any saturated fats. or trans fats, or cholesterol, or dietary fiber, but there is sodium in 20 mg, And total sugars by 64 g.


Notes on Blueberry Syrup

  • Blueberry drink may contain substances that have a negative effect on children’s activity. and their focus.
  • The product is kept in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight.

From the previous nutritional details, we will find that the product contains a very high percentage of sugars. So you should avoid eating it as much as possible.

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