Calories in Noodles

Birdtongue pasta Goody how many calories


Birdtongue pasta Goody how many calories There is no doubt that pasta is one of the most consumed carbohydrates in the world, There are many shapes, types, One of the most famous of these beloved species for children is the tongue of the bird, So it has to be talked about.

In the following report, we will learn about the amount of calories in Goody orzo pasta, how much fat it contains, how much carbohydrates and protein, and how much you cover from your sodium needs.


Birdtongue pasta Goody how many calories

The calories in Goody Orzo Paste How many calories are about 351.5 calories per 100 gm, Macrose calories are distributed between carbohydrates of 72 g, and protein in the amount of 12.3 g, As well as fat in the amount of 1.6 g.

The product also contains saturated fat in the amount of 0.4 g, and dietary fiber of 3.4 g, And sugar in the amount of 3 g.


Ingredients for Goody Orzo Pasta

Orzo Figure 17

  • Durum wheat semolina

How to boil tongue pasta Goody

  1. Boil water and then place the pasta for 7 to 9 minutes until cooked.
  2. Wash pasta tongue Goody cold water and then drain from water and add the sauce to taste and Very good work and wellness.


Notes on Goody Orzo Pasta

  • No need to wash Goody orzo pasta before cooking.
  • Orzo pasta made from 100% durum wheat semolina, Means very suitable for vegetarians.
  • Produced by Saudi Arabia Saudi Modern Food Factory – Jeddah.


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