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In today’s article on iM Dieter, we will talk about the energy drink, which has been famous lately, the Energy Drink Cordord, What are its components? What are its benefits, harms and alternatives! And what is the permissible limit? We will talk about all of them in more detail, so follow us

The United States of America was the first home of the emergence of the brand of cordial drink, After that, its industry expanded until it reached more than fifty types of different flavors and sizes

What is Corded Energy Drink?

It is one of the energy drinks that became famous in Saudi Arabia. It tastes a lot like soft drinks. However, it contains a large amount of caffeine and sugar, which stimulate the central nervous system.
It deals with Kurdish youth, especially those who exercise, especially those who practice weightlifting and bodybuilding games, In order to increase activity and alertness, Although the chord gives immediate benefits, it is the reason for the emergence of many health problems in the long term, and we will mention them to you later.

What are the ingredients in Cordard Energy Drink?

The components of the coded contained in the can per 100 grams of the drink

Coordinator Nutrition FactsThe ratioPercentage of daily requirement
Calories in Coordinator61 kcal
total fat0 g0%
Saturated fats0 g0%
trans fats0 g0%
cholesterol0 mg0%
sodium60 mg24%
total carbohydrates14.5 g
Dietary fiber0 g0%
total sugars14.5 g
Contains added sugar14.1 g28.2%
protein0 g0%
Niacin8 mg44.4%
Panthonic acid1.9 mg31.7%
Vitamin B62.03 mg101.5%
Vitamin B20.30 mg18.8%
Vitamin B121.48 mg148%
glucuronlactone;240 mg
Install20 mg
Taurine30 mg
Adequate30 mg

Benefits of Corded Energy Drink

  • As a result of the high content of caffeine, which stimulates the nervous system and thus helps to increase the vitality of the body and increase its activity.
  • works to raise blood pressure, boost metabolism and increases peristalsis, It also works to increase urination.
  • improves mood and stimulates memory, In addition to increasing cognitive and physical performance.

Damages of Energy Drink Cordord

It should be noted here that the coded does not pose a threat to a person’s health if it is taken in a moderate amount. However, excessive consumption of it may lead to serious complications in the long run. According to the latest studies that have been conducted on energy drinks, the following are the harms of energy drinks, including Cordard.

  • Parents should prevent their children from consuming all energy drinks because they do not have any health benefits, as they cause insomnia, dehydration and heart palpitations. And the occurrence of manic and depressive attacks or even the risk of a heart attack, And the matter may become more serious if the child suffers from a chronic disease such as asthma, as it may reach the point of sudden death.
  • It is forbidden for women during pregnancy and lactation to consume it, due to the ingredients that are included in the composition of energy drinks. Among the most prominent of these risks is diabetes, The possibility of a miscarriage may have a significant impact on the fetus.
  • As a result of the high caffeine content of the cordial drink, this leads to significant damage to the nervous and digestive systems, which is a cause of increased feelings of stress and anxiety. It also leads to indigestion and an increase in acid secretions in the stomach, in addition to the occurrence of ulcers and infections in the wall of the esophagus, stomach and duodenum.
  • Caffeine also has negative effects on the functions of the circulatory system, the heart and the kidneys, as it causes irregular heartbeats and one of its weaknesses is that it causes cardiac arrest and weakness in the heart muscle. In addition, it causes kidney failure in the long term in case of excessive intake. As a result of the presence of many harmful components that cause kidney tissue damage.
  • In addition to that, corduroy has great damage to men. These include low sperm count and poor fertility, Sperm distortion and may lead to delayed childbearing or even infertility.
  • It also causes sleep disturbances and anxiety. And chronic headaches, of course, when you increase the consumption of energy drinks, this will lead to a loss of the ability to focus, anxiety, and the inability to sleep, as a result of the withdrawal of caffeine from the body.
  • It has a negative effect on the nerves, psychological and emotional, It may lead to nervousness and increased aggressive behavior.
  • Excessive consumption leads to addiction. It is known that the body gets addicted to drinks that contain caffeine.
  • It contains some substances that may lead to osteoporosis in a short period of no more than five years.
  • It causes tooth decay and enamel damage due to the presence of phosphoric acid and carbonic acid.
  • It reduces the body’s response to the hormone insulin. Which leads to type 2 diabetes .
  • It may interact with some medications and prevent their absorption. Especially some types of antidepressants.
  • It leads to obesity and weight gain due to the large amount of sugars in it.
  • It increases blood pressure and causes serious liver damage.
  • It destroys vitamins in the body.

Healthy natural alternatives to cordial

To get an energy boost that provides the body with activity, you should consider healthy solutions from natural meals and drinks to strengthen the body and enhance its health. one of the importants

  • Fruits are rich in natural sugar, which gives the body strength and activity.
  • Wheat Snacks made from wheat help reduce fatigue and reduce feelings of hunger for a longer period.
  • Natural juices, without adding any sugars, so you can prepare a cup of natural juice daily, such as avocado and carrots , which increases activity and energy in the body during exercise times.

Safe amount of Corded Energy Drink

The permissible limit depends on calories and the amount of caffeine in the drink. If the amount of caffeine exceeds the daily recommended limit for each person, then it becomes a health hazard

300 mg of caffeine per day, which is equivalent to 3-4 cups of instant coffee, is considered a moderate amount for most people. And the amount of caffeine in a cordial drink can range from 75 mg to more than 200 mg per serving.

It is considered a risky drink for pregnant women, nursing mothers, children, heart patients, diabetics, those under the age of 16, those with high blood pressure, those who are sensitive to caffeine, as well as athletes during exercise, and it is advised to avoid drinking it completely in these cases.

How do we help our youth avoid energy drinks?

We must work to educate young people and remind them of the serious physical and psychological problems that may be caused by excessive drinking of these drinks, which have become known to the addict. Such as insomnia, difficulty sleeping, lack of concentration, anxiety, aggressive behaviors, and headaches.

Ensure that they are aware of the health warnings written on the packaging and work to convince them that this is only the beginning and that the development of the issue will be very dangerous. It may lead to cirrhosis of the liver, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, tachycardia, and many other risks previously mentioned.

It is imperative when you see advertisements on television or even on the Internet through which energy drinks are promoted as your first and fastest option to get rid of fatigue and lethargy, because they contain a high percentage of caffeine, sugar and stimulants that in turn help you feel active and alert. But, dear ones, after we told you about the very serious complications that may affect you in the long run if you take it a lot, we hope that you will be more careful and reduce or avoid energy drinks to preserve your health.

In conclusion, after you have learned about the benefits and harms of Cordard, we leave you to get acquainted with the components of the 5G drink

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