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Ayran Nada milk how many calories

Ayran Nada Laban is milk made from 100% natural cow’s milk. As Nada guarantees that it is free of milk powder.

What makes Ayran milk more desirable, especially in hot times, is that it is light milk (with water added) and salted, which makes it delicious and nutritious with the addition of vitamins.

The calories in Nada Ayran Laban are 53.4 calories in a package of 180 ml. Most of it is carbohydrates at 41.8% g

For more nutritional data and nutritional values, we leave you with the food card below:


Ingredients of Ayran Nada milk

Made from 100% natural milk

  • Fresh milk from natural cow’s milk
  • 1% fat max
  • At least 6.2% non-fat solids
  • Purified water
  • 0.8% salt (min)
  • initiator
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin A

Notes on Ayran Nada milk

  1. It contains adequate amounts of calcium, vitamin D and vitamin A.
  2. Its calories are low, which makes it among the snacks less than 100 calories .
  3. The amount of sodium is not specified in the package.
  4. Homogenized and pasteurized.
  5. It must be kept refrigerated.
  6. Made from 100% natural cow’s milk, not powder.
  7. Produced by Al-Othman Company for Agricultural Production and Processing. Khobar – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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