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Are dates fattening?!


A question that may be asked by many date lovers, as it is famous for containing many calories, but do these calories that dates carry really help to gain weight? And if it really is, How can we eat the dates that we like to eat without getting fat? And what are the benefits that dates have in store for us? Can dates be harmful to our health besides causing weight gain? All these and other questions may baffle many of his fans. Therefore, we will answer you in detail to dispel the fears that you face when you like to eat dates.


At first we will tell you what is dates? It is the fruit of the palm tree after it has been dried. Its consumption is very famous in the Arab countries because it is known there and it is cultivated in an intensive manner within these lands and it is also linked to religious holidays such as Ramadan and Eid. Dates have a delicious sugary taste, and this course is what caused the accusation of weight gain. However, it is very beneficial for the body and is rich in fiber and minerals that give the body health and energy.

Are dates fattening?

Actually, no. Although it may taste sugary, Which makes it high in calories, but it does not cause obesity in the body. Also, some dietitians recommend it as part of healthy diets. It works to raise the level of sugar in the blood, This makes the dieter avoid a drop in the blood sugar level, which results in a feeling of hunger. So it is very useful in slimming diets. But the problem lies in the quality and quantity of dates that we eat. Dried dates are the highest in calories when we talk about the types of dates that cause obesity. However, if it is consumed moderately, it will not cause weight gain, but rather it will provide the body with all the nutritional benefits it contains.

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The nutritional benefits found in dates

  • regulate blood sugar level, Which helps to overcome the feeling of hunger while following diets.
  • Provide the body with the energy needed to continue work, So it is an excellent alternative to sweets that give the body energy and it is also not as harmful as sweets.
  • Treating anemia because it contains iron.
  • Reduces cholesterol in the blood because it contains a high percentage of fiber.
  • Good for bones as it contains potassium and magnesium.
  • It is an aperitif, so it can be used in slimming diets.
  • A repellent of toxins outside the body, a regulator of bowel movement, and a good helper in getting rid of the problem of chronic constipation .


Are dates harmful?

In fact, dates as a fruit are not harmful, but if they are eaten excessively, they can cause damage, including:

  • Weight gain because it is an appetizer.
  • speed up the birth process, As it speeds up the entry into labour, Therefore, it is not recommended for those who are in the first months of pregnancy, because it may cause them to miscarry.
  • Excessive increase in blood sugar levels if taken in excess. So in this case it may be harmful for diabetics.


Recommended intake of dates

Moderation in eating food, whatever its type, can protect us from many health problems that accompany us with eating foods in a large way. Therefore, in order for us to consume dates properly and benefit from its benefits and avoid its harms, we recommend eating it on an empty stomach every morning. from 3 to 7 grains, Taking into account the abandonment of breakfast in this case, because dates will then provide us with all the calories that we need as a substitute for breakfast.

And in the event that a person feels a sudden decline and he is following a diet and does not want to spoil it, he can eat one grain of dates, and it will work to regulate the level of sugar in the blood, Eliminate fatigue and sudden hunger.

And if you adhere to this aforementioned amount, you will be able to get the slim figure that you have always dreamed of, because dates in this way will not affect your diet in anything. It will also help you to cleanse your body and expel all toxins from inside and regulate bowel movement, all of which is in the interest of the diet you follow.

In the end, dates are a well-known fruit from ancient times, and our Holy Prophet Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, loved to eat them, so it is very beneficial to the body, but we must learn how to consume it wisely?!!! To benefit from its benefits and avoid its harms.

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