Arabian vegetable oil calories


Arabian vegetable oil calories, It is a frying oil found in the Kingdom that is used in cooking food, frying it, and roasting it automatically, And the right amount for its users.

The oil is a blend of palm oil. sunflower oil, and a host of other components, It should be noted that oils in general contain high levels of fat while lacking in carbohydrates. Or protein.

In the following report, We will learn about what are the most important calories of Arab vegetable oil, As well as the detailed nutritional ingredients that make up this product, In addition to the rest of the other nutritional details.


Arabian Oil Ingredients

  • 65% sunflower oil
  • 35% special refined palm oil
  • Antioxidants (E319, E321, E304)
  • gelling agent (E492)
  • vitamin A
  • vitamin D
  • Anti-foaming agent (E900)


Arabian vegetable oil calories

The calories in Al Arabi vegetable oil in an amount of 100 gm are about 900 calories, Macros calories are distributed among total fats of 100 gm, Al-Arabi oil does not contain any amount of carbohydrates. or protein, Where both are 0 g.

On the flip side, Al-Arabi frying oil contains saturated fats ranging from 15 to 29 gm. There are monounsaturated fats estimated between 24 to 60 gm. There is also a poly saturated fat between 17 and 55 g.

This one The product does not contain any percentage of sodium. or dietary fiber, But it includes vitamin A by 800 units, And vitamin D by 5 units.


Notes on Arabian vegetable oil

  • The oil can withstand the highest temperatures. That is why it is not drunk by foods with which it is fried.
  • Al-Arabi oil is suitable for frying, cooking and browning.
  • Keep the product in a dry place. And cool out of the sun.

From the aforementioned nutritional details, we will find that Arabi oil is very high in calories. It also contains a high percentage of fat. Therefore, it may not be suitable for diets aimed at losing weight. And if it is used, this use must be heavily rationed.


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