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Amigo calories salted tortilla chips


amigo salted tortilla chips calories, These are salted tortilla chips that you can enjoy in their regular salted flavor in their original form. Or you can make a special sauce for it. like avocado sauce, or tomato ketchup to enjoy those sauces as a dip with those chips, And whether you choose the first way to eat it, Or the second method, you must pay close attention to the amount of those chips consumed, As well as the calories consumed behind it.

In this report, we will fully monitor for you what are the most important calories in Amigo salted tortilla chips, not only this, However, we will also fully monitor in that report all the nutritional components related to this product. and other nutritional details.


Nutritional ingredients in amigo salted tortilla chips

  • corn flour
  • salt
  • vegetable oil (palm oil)


Amigo calories salted tortilla chips

Amigo salted tortilla chips in a quantity of 25 gm are about 125.4 calories, Macros calories in that portion are distributed as follows: total fat 7 g, and a total of 14g of carbohydrates, There is 1.6g of protein.

Also in that serving of those salted tortilla chips is 4g of saturated fat, The product does not contain any trans fats in that portion. or cholesterol, However, it contains 124 mg of sodium. Which constitutes only 5% of the daily requirement.

On the other hand, the amount of dietary fiber in that portion of salted tortilla chips is about 1.9 gm, There are 0.4 g total sugars, The product does not contain any refined sugar.


Notes on Amigo Salted Tortilla Chips

  • The product may contain grains (gluten), milk (lactose), soy, celery, This is why people who are allergic to these food ingredients should avoid it.
  • Keep the product in a dry place. And mild heat away from direct sunlight.


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