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Almarai liquid cheddar cheese calories


Almarai Liquid Cheddar Cheese Calories It is a liquid cheddar cheese that can be used in various recipes. It can be used as an ingredient in various cooking ingredients. put it on pasta, or lasagna, and other foods on which tourist cheese is accepted, It can also be eaten in sandwiches in its original form. or incorporate it into fillings, And many other uses according to the desire of each person who uses it.

Below we will learn about the calories of Almarai Liquid Cheddar cheese, as well as the most important nutritional ingredients included in the composition of this product in detail, So stay tuned.


Ingredients of Almarai Liquid Cheddar Cheese

  • Natural cheese
  • water
  • milk fat
  • whey
  • mineral salts (E452, E339)
  • salt
  • sugar
  • food acid (E270)
  • Preservatives (E202),
  • 65% fat content in the dry matter of cheese as a minimum.


Almarai liquid cheddar cheese calories

The calories in this Almarai cheese cups in an amount of 30 gm are approximately 97 calories, And when it comes to the macro calories within that amount, It is distributed as follows, total fat of 9 gm, 1g total carbohydrates, And also proteins in the amount of 3 g.

On the flip side, Almarai Cup Cheese contains 6 gm of saturated fat. It does not contain any trans fats. And there’s 16 mg of cholesterol, And sodium by 341 mg.

Also, Marai Sail cheese does not contain any dietary fiber. It includes total sugars in the amount of 1 g, of which added sugar amounted to 0.15 gm, And there is vitamin A by 164.5 international units, And calcium by 97.2 mg.


Notes on Almarai Liquid Cheese

  • Almarai liquid cheese should be kept away from sources of heat. or direct sunlight.


Marai Sail cheese contains a high percentage of fat, which makes it necessary to pay careful attention to the amount that you will use. Because excessive amounts may lead to obesity.

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