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Almarai farms select pomegranate juice calories


Almarai Farms Select Pomegranate is a 100% natural juice prepared from natural pomegranate fruit without any additives at all. As in each bottle you will find the equivalent of the juice of 2 and a half pomegranates.

In the following report, we will learn about the calories in pomegranate juice from Almarai Select in detail, So stay tuned.

Almarai farms select pomegranate calories

The calories in Almarai Farms Select pomegranate juice in an amount of 250 ml are about 120 calories, The product does not contain any amount of protein in its macro calories. or fat, But at the same time, it includes a large amount of carbohydrates estimated at 30 grams. As well as a large amount of sugars in the amount of 30 grams.

However, although the product is fat-free, which is a good thing, However, it is high in sugars. This is definitely not a good thing at all. At the same time, it does not contain any amount of protein. Protein is an important food component that helps satiety. Therefore, even if the product is consumed, it must not be consumed excessively. It is best to rely on real food that is high in protein. It helps us feel full and satisfied.

Almarai farms select pomegranate juice

100% pomegranate juice without additives made from pomegranate fruit

Nutritional ingredients in Almarai Farms Select pomegranate juice

  • 100% natural pomegranate juice heat treated, And packed under sterilization
  1. Heat treated and packed under sterilization

  • 100% natural juice, not reconstituted, with no added water. without additives, And also without flavorings.
  • One bottle of Almarai Farms Select pomegranate equals 2.5 pomegranates.
  • The product is kept in a refrigerator at a temperature of 5 degrees Celsius. or less.
  • The product must be consumed within a maximum of 4 days from the date of opening the package.
  • Shake the product well before opening. Serve cold.
  • Farms Select juices are made with real fruits. It may contain pieces of fruit, including seeds. Therefore, some components of the juice will settle inside the bottle, which is normal. The color and taste may vary according to the crop seasons.
  • Almarai pomegranate juice without added sugar.
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