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Almarai Farms Select Pineapple Calories


Almarai Farms Select Pineapple Calorie is a 100% natural prepared and packaged pineapple juice that you can find in any supermarket.

Pineapple is very popular when it comes to fat burning drinks. where many believe it is low in calories, It works to rid the body of toxins, and fat burning.

In fact, there is a lot of misinformation when it comes to our diet. The most important of which is that the juice will be healthy if it is a fresh pad. but this is wrong, The natural fruit by itself is much better than the juice. There are even many types of fruits that raise blood sugar, Including pineapple.

So, in the next report, let’s get to know the calories of Almarai Farms Select Pineapple, as well as the nutritional ingredients found in this type of juice.

Almarai farms select pineapple calories

The calories in Almarai pineapple juice are about 108 calories. And that’s for every 250 ml, It is the entire amount of the drink in the package.

Macros calories are distributed between 0 grams of fat, As the product does not contain any amount of fat, It is followed by a small amount of protein estimated at 1 gram. Hence, carbohydrates come in at 26 grams, which is the highest amount among macro calories.

Let us know more about the ingredients and the nutritional value of Almarai Pineapple Farms Select juice through the following nutritional card.

Almarai Farms Select Pineapple

100% natural pineapple juice

The nutritional ingredients in Almarai Farms Select Pineapple

  • 100% thermoformed pineapple juice, And packed under sterilization.

How to prepare Almarai Farms Select Pineapple

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  • You may see a change in the density of the juice because it is from the natural fruit. Just shake well before opening. Enjoy 100% natural pineapple juice.
  • The percentage of fruit concentration in this juice is 100%.
  • The product is kept refrigerated at a temperature of 5 ° C. or less.
  • Farms Select juices are made from real fruits. It may contain pieces of fruit, including seeds. So sedimentation of some juice ingredients is normal.
  • It should be noted, The color and taste of the juice may vary according to the crop seasons.
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In the end, although this product does not contain any fat, it contains a very high percentage of carbohydrates, sugar, That is why you should not overeat it so as not to get obese.

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