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Alfonso Mango Juice Syrup With Almarai Pulp 200 ml


Calories in Alfonso Mango Juice Syrup with Almarai Pulp 117.6 Calories in a 200 ml Pack, It is one of the flavored industrial drinks, Which reaps the admiration of many of different ages.

In fact, ready-made drinks have a lot of reservations when it comes to healthy diets, Because they are full of sugar, So we will determine how true this is to get more nutritional values, here is a detail of them in the following report.

Calorie Juice Syrup Alfonso Mango With Almarai Pulp 200 ml

The calories in this mango flavored Alfonso juice syrup in a pack of 200 ml are about 117.6 g, The calories of macrose are distributed within that amount with the drink containing carbohydrates of 29.4 g, It also includes sugar of 28.6 g, The product does not contain any amount of fat, or protein, Where both are 0 grams.

This product may not be suitable for consumption for many diets, Especially since it is full of sugars, and carbohydrates, So you should review your diet well before relying on it as a drink within your schedule.

Alfonso Mango juice syrup with pasture pulp does not contain fat and protein, But it may contain mango pieces.


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