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al alali Tuna for Sandwiches in Sunflower Oil Nutritional Values


The al alali Yellowfin Tuna Sandwiches contain small pieces of yellowfin tuna packed in sunflower oil. They are selected pieces of light meat tuna to give it a delicious flavour. It tastes great when used in sandwiches, pasta, and recipes that use fresh ingredients and mild seasoning.

In the following report, we will discuss the most important calories in al alali Tuna for Sandwiches and the nutritional values ​​​​in this product in detail.

Calories in al alali Tuna Sandwiches

al alali Tuna in Sunflower Oil contains 249.36 calories, most of which are 68.7% protein. It is followed by fats, 31%, and is free of carbohydrates. Any suitable for keto diet followers.

The calories in grams are distributed between 8.63 gm of fat, and saturated fat 0.95 g, and unsaturated fat 2.48 g, and monounsaturated fat 3.4 g, There is cholesterol of 79.22 mg.

The product also contains sodium 802.4 mg. and 42.84 g of protein.

Al Alali Tuna For Sandwiches In Sunflower Oil 170 Gm

Small pieces of yellowfin tuna packed in sunflower oil

al alali Tuna Sandwich Ingredients

  • Light meat tuna flakes
  • salt
  • Sunflower oil
  1. It is used to make sandwiches and pasta

Fish and seafood, canned
al alali
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Notes on al alali Tuna Sandwiches in Sunflower Oil

  1. al alali tuna is made by unicord public limited company, Thailand authorized by the brand owners.
  2. Brand owner and distributor, Basamh Marketing Co., Ltd., Jeddah. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  3. al alali Tuna for Sandwiches contains a high amount of sodium and cholesterol.

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