A comprehensive guide on the benefits of a low-carb diet and the allowed and forbidden


If you are looking for a way to lose weight in a simple and uncomplicated way, try the Low Carb Diet, which is a weight loss diet in which the intake of “low carb” carbohydrates such as: sugar, bread and drinks containing sugars (whether natural sugars) is limited. or added) and eat it at a low rate of 10% – 30% of the daily requirement, and the proportion of protein intake and healthy fats is increased to enhance satiety, and this system has many benefits:

Benefits of a Low Carb Diet

  • Weight loss
  • Reducing the intake of processed foods that are harmful to health
  • The body adapts to this regime quickly
  • Not overly complicated
  • You can lose weight from this system without calculating calories
  • One of the benefits of a low-carb diet is that it is inexpensive, unlike the keto diet

The effects of a low-carb diet

To reduce the damage of a low-carb diet, try to move to this system gradually and reduce carbohydrates in a gradual way, not suddenly, to avoid damage:

  • Constipation is one of the most common side effects of a low-carb diet
  • Limits food choices, especially fruits
  • Feeling a headache in the first days, which is a sign of the damage of the low-carb diet. But do not worry, the situation is normal in the first days, and you will not feel anything after that, God willing.
  • Mouth odor changes
  • Low energy

How do I start a low carb diet?

As I mentioned earlier, it is important to move the lifestyle and gradually reduce carbohydrates to adapt the body

The first step: to know the types of low-carb foods, include the diet, know the amount of carbohydrates in the types of foods that you consume in your usual daily meals, and adjust them to suit your new style.

The second step: Develop a plan and schedule for the meals that you will eat each week. This helps in continuity and commitment and reduces thinking about what you will eat in the next meal.

The third step: preparing most of the meals in advance, and this ensures that you do not choose unhealthy meals and duties when hungry, and saves time if you are busy during the week and saves money

Step four: Try alternatives, such as replacing bread with lettuce, eggplant, or mushrooms, and pasta with grated zucchini

Fourth step: This step is far from the diet, but it is important and related to it Exercise It suppresses the feeling of hunger, regulates the body’s work, and helps burn calories, which leads to faster weight loss. It is recommended to exercise 300 minutes a week to lose weight and get better health.

The last step: Will, patience, and continuity. Without these three elements, we will not get a result and we will not lose, because the weight loss journey requires time and effort.


Foods prohibited when following a low-carb diet

Many foods in our lives contain carbohydrates to a large extent, but we must avoid these foods when following the low-carb diet. Among these foods, because they are prohibited from the low-carb diet:

  • Soft drinks and juices
  • Desserts, ice cream and donuts
  • Wheat and rice
  • Bread and pasta
  • cereal
  • Foods with hydrogenated oils
  • Products with added sugar
  • Starchy vegetables, for example: Potatoes, sweet potatoes, peas and corn
  • To make it easier for you, we have created a table containing foods with high carbs

Foods allowed on a low-carb diet

  • Meat, chicken and fish
  • eggs
  • Broccoli, spinach and cauliflower
  • Apple, blueberry and strawberry
  • Almonds and walnuts
  • Cheese and yogurt
  • Coconut oil and olive oil
  • Pears, cherries, and pineapples are permitted foods when following a low-carb diet, but in small quantities.

Examples of low carb meals

  1. Egg or tuna sandwich inside lettuce
  2. Spaghetti using zucchini with chicken breast
  3. mixed salad
  4. Pumpkin soup with cashews and chicken
  5. Cauliflower rice with any type of protein you prefer
  6. Mushroom soup
  7. Seaweed pasta
  8. Tuna salad inside avocado or cucumber
  9. Eggplant fritters
  10. Yogurt with berries and some nuts
  11. Shrimp or fish salad
  12. Kofta with vegetables
  13. To make it easier for you, we have created a table of low-carb foods

Examples of low carb snacks

  1. Fruits and yogurt
  2. Chopped fruits
  3. Boiled eggs
  4. a handful of nuts
  5. Dark chocolate and almond
  6. Strawberry juice
  7. Chopped vegetables with dip

The difference between a low carb diet and a keto diet

The keto diet and the low-carb diet are similar, as they all limit carbohydrates, but in different proportions. If you are confused between these two types, you can choose after this comparison:

Low carb diet

The keto diet

A diet that limits carbohydrate intake by 20% – 30%A diet that limits carbohydrate intake by 5-10%
40% protein consumptionProtein consumption by 20-25%
Fat is consumed by 40%Fat is consumed by 70%
It puts the body into a mild ketosisIt puts the body into a state of ketosis
Suitable for athletesMore suitable for athletes
Reduces weight Reduces weight and inflammation
The body quickly gets used to youHard to get used to
less restrictedSomewhat restricted

Now that you know the low carb diet, you can easily design your food schedule with the food schedule design tool

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