6 ways to help you set your weight loss goal


How to set a goal to lose weight

Setting a weight loss goal helps you continue to reach your desired weight and shape, and develop your healthy habits without hesitation or doubt

  • getting ready

You must always make sure before taking any new step in your life that you are ready for this change and ready to make an effort on yourself so that you can continue and reach your goal.
You can try these questions to see if you are really ready to set your goals and start or not:

  • am i excited
  • Do I have other pressures?
  • Am I ready to learn a new lifestyle?
  • Am I ready to give up my bad habits?
  • Do I need support or assistance?


  • Target selection

It is important when developing a weight loss plan to choose a reasonable and realistic goal, and it is also important to determine the tool for measuring progress. Do you want to measure your progress by means of a scale, a tape measure, or a body in device? It is important to give freedom to time and not to restrict this journey to a short time, because healthy weight loss requires a lot of time and patience, and it is also good to take into account the obstacles that may occur in the coming days and try to predict the obstacles that may occur and develop solutions to do when they occur in the future.

  • Set small goals in between the big goals

Setting small goals in between big goals helps with continuity and a sense of achievement. Example: If your goal is to lose 8 kg in three months, set a goal every beginning of the month about how much the expected loss is for this month, how much you expect Santi to lose from your waist during this period, how long you want to exercise, and the wrong habit that you want to stop doing.

  • Order of goals

Try to arrange your goals according to importance and the habits that you want to change for each month. Example:

  • October goals for weight loss

  • Cut out sugary drinks
  • Reducing ordering restaurants to once a week is a lot
  • Walk for 30 minutes every day
  • 2 kg loss
  • ……..etc
  • November goals for weight loss

  • Drink 2 liters of water daily
  • Reducing restaurant orders to once every 15 days
  • Exercising for 30 minutes 3 times a week and walking 20 minutes a day
  • 2 kg loss
  • …….etc

What is emotional eating

  • Start implementing

It is important to start implementation immediately after planning, adhering to the plan, and knowing the number of calories that must be consumed during this journey. A link to design a lunch schedule according to your need

You should know that there are days that will not be as planned and there are days that will deviate from the plan, but the important thing is to go back directly and continue until you reach your goal and a healthy weight that will make your health better and your life easier and raise your confidence.

  • continuity

Continuity is the key to reaching goals and losing weight. This stage is divided into three points:

  1. Beginnings : The beginning is often tiring and finds it difficult to continue, abandon previous habits, and adhere to new habits.
  2. Habit : At this stage, you start to get used to the new habits and accept them and see the good results from this system and these habits
  3. Adherence : At this stage, you start to love these habits or this system, and you cannot abandon it because of the wonderful results and the change that you see
  • After reaching the goal and losing weight

After you reach your planned goal, you will feel more freedom, but this does not mean abandoning the acquired healthy habits and going back to previous bad habits. The weight is the same as before, you are now just trying to maintain your health and your new weight and eat more, but not more than you need or an exaggerated amount in order not to gain the weight you lost again.

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