10 healthy habits for losing weight, know them


Many people think that the only way to lose weight is to follow a strict diet and exercise for long hours, when in fact it is possible to lose weight and get a healthy weight by simply changing some habits in our lifestyle. Here are some healthy and unhealthy habits for weight loss:

Healthy habits for losing weight:

1. Pay attention to portion sizes:

Paying attention to portion sizes and eating each type of nutrient in the right amount helps prevent weight gain. How to estimate portion sizes

2. Place the fork between bites:

Placing a fork between bites helps you eat more slowly, making you feel full before you finish your plate because it takes 20 minutes for satiety signals to reach your brain.

3 . Drink water throughout the day:

Drinking water frequently helps distinguish between feeling hungry and thirsty, and drinking water before a meal or during a meal helps reduce the amount of food you eat.

4. Preparing meals at home yourself:

Preparing your own meals at home will help you save money and lose weight because you will know what you put in your food of carbohydrates , protein , fats , and the appropriate portions for each type.

5. Not watching TV or the phone while eating:

Lack of focus on food and distraction in something else may cause us to consume more food than we need without feeling.

6. eat breakfast:

A breakfast rich in protein and fiber helps not to feel very hungry during the day.

7. Getting enough sleep:

Sleep is one of the most important healthy habits for losing weight, as regular and sufficient sleep helps control hunger hormones and facilitates the weight loss journey.

8. Find healthy options:

When eating out, try to choose healthy options, because often healthy food does not contain a large amount of calories compared to unhealthy food.

9. Eating on a smaller plate:

Eating on a smaller plate helps you eat less food

10. Some of the healthy habits for losing weight are moving more:

Moving continuously during the day and walking longer distances help burn more calories easily, such as: Walking to the store, stopping the car further from the store, cleaning the house, or doing some stretching during the day.

Unhealthy weight loss habits:

1. Eat fewer calories:

It is normal to lose weight when you reduce your calories significantly, but what you do not know is that the body, after a period of deprivation and eating in a small amount, stops burning and enters the stage of starvation, which is a condition that causes fat storage instead of burning it and feeling very hungry.

2. Excessive exercise:

It is well known that exercise is an important thing in our lifestyle, but excessive exercise causes the opposite result, such as fatigue, anxiety, and injuries.

3. Not eating one of the three nutrients:

Giving up one of the three nutrients “fats, carbohydrates, and protein” leads to a lot of health damage, such as: cardiovascular disease, muscle spasms, difficulty seeing, and others.

4. Follow a detox diet:

Detox diets can pose risks to the body such as dehydration and fatigue, and they are completely useless because they cause you to lose water and fluids from the body, not fat.

Habits that prevent you from losing weight

  • Eat fast food
  • eating quickly
  • Drink your calories
  • emotional eating
  • Go shopping hungry
  • Sit all the time
  • Not setting meal times

Reasons to regain weight after losing it

Unfortunately, many people regain the weight they lost after a short period of completing the diet, and some also regain the weight with a new kilo or two, and this often happens because the person followed a harsh diet, which caused him double hunger or gluttony, or stopped exercising completely after completing the diet. Or the tendency to eat excessively unhealthy as a result of deprivation.

That is why we must always follow a balanced and flexible diet to lose weight, avoid harsh and fast diets based on deprivation, exercise in moderation, and try to make your lifestyle healthy and flexible.

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